Next Steps

launch luncheon


Attending a Launch Luncheon is the first step toward becoming a member of Crossroads Church.


During the luncheon, our pastors will talk about baptism, our church's history, ministry, fundamental beliefs, plans for the future, and more. The church will provide lunch and childcare to those who need it.

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Get Baptized


A person’s baptism should come after their profession of personal faith in Christ. Baptism is often the first step of obedience.


Believers are baptized because Christ commanded it (Matthew 28:19); to follow the example set by Jesus (Mark 1:10); and to give public testimony of their faith in Christ (Acts 2:41).


Baptism is a picture of the work Jesus has done in our lives. He died for our sin, was buried and rose again. It shows the world you follow Jesus and want to obey Him. Contact the church office to speak with one of our Pastors!

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Life Groups



Life groups are small groups led by gifted Bible teachers who bring God's Word to life. These groups exist as a way for people to engage in biblical community to help us become more like Jesus in every area of our lives. 


"It is in small groups that people can get close enough to know each other, to care and share, to challenge and support, to confide and confess, to forgive and be forgiven, to laugh and weep together, to be accountable to each other, to watch over each other and to grow together. Personal growth does not happen in isolation. It is the result of interactive relationships. Small groups are God's gift to foster changes in character and spiritual growth." -- Dr. Bilezikian, Community 101.


Crossroads Church has a variety of life groups for you to try out and choose from.







There are always opportunities to use your God-given gifts and abilities to strengthen the church body!


Current needs:


  • Children's Ministry (once or twice per month)

  • NEW!  Worship Band is looking for Electric Guitarists and Bass Guitarists

  • Parking lot attendants (once or twice per month)

  • Guest services/greeters (once or twice per month)

  • Nursery assistant (once per month)


If you are interested in serving in the church in any of the above or other areas please contact Church Office.