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At IF:Gathering 2020, we are going to focus completely, entirely on the person of Jesus. That is it. This is our hope and we need hope.

Across the earth, across every different country and nation, let's come together and ignore our feeds and ignore all the noise and ignore the chaos inside of us and listen to the word of God taught.

The world is spinning out like crazy and so are the insides of us, and we need the thing that is going to steady us.

We're not in this to grow IF:Gathering, we are in this to grow the kingdom of God and the local church! We don't want you to miss it! Let's stand back and watch what God is going to do.

Join us for an IF:Local Gathering at Crossroads Church on Saturday, March 28 from 8:30am-4:30pm.
Please register for this event as soon as possible so we know how many to expect:

Registration is $35 and includes boxed Panera Bread lunch.

Invite your sisters, friends, neighbors, coworkers, whoever you feel would benefit from this incredible time of worshipping and being in community with sisters in Christ locally and in spirit with those all around the world who will be part of IF:Gathering 2020!