Death by Distraction.

I forgot. Something came up. I was just too busy. We have all been guilty of overbooking ourselves and getting distracted from responsibilities and commitments at some point in our lives. We prioritize certain desires and goals at the expense of others. This is the constant battle of time. If only I had more time, if only there were more hours in the day. If we are being honest with ourselves, there are probably a lot of things that we put our time into that have no eternal significance. I confess that I have spent way too many hours just scrolling social media mindlessly consuming other people’s highlights of their weekend. However sometimes we get distracted by good things. We spend too much time at work and then our family life suffers for it. Working hard at a job is a good thing, but a good thing can become a bad thing when it becomes a God thing. It comes down to idolizing jobs, desires, and goals over the God of the Universe.

The enemy does not want us to worship him, he just does not want us to worship God. He does not have to send a legion of demons down to do that, sometimes it’s as easy as picking up a cell phone, watching another episode on Netflix, or just being apathetic. The enemy will distract us with pursuits of this world at the cost of knowing Jesus. So many times, it seems as if an endless cycle of wasting time and not being able to gain ground, but there is hope.

The cool thing about knowing the Lord is that we are constantly being sanctified and becoming more like Christ if we pursue him. We have the help pf the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us. So, the good news is that we already have the tools to start breaking the cycle. There are also some very practical ways to structure your time (ew time management I know) to be able set yourself up for success in everything you want to accomplish. The first thing you have to do is determine your non-negotiables.

These are things that are first priority to you, and it can be a little different for every person. For a Christian, the first non-negotiable should be spending intentional time with the Lord. This does not mean a quick prayer on your drive to work, or a daily verse. Those things are good, but that is not much of a sacrifice. I’m talking about sitting down in a place that where you cannot be easily disturbed, NO CELLPHONES, and set aside at least 30 minutes if you’re just getting started. Schedule this time into everyday of the week, and no matter what comes up say you can’t do it. If a buddy asks to hangout say you can’t. If the boss asks you to come in during that time, ask if there’s another day that works. This is the most important non-negotiable for the Christian.

The next will be different to every person. It’s what YOU decide! If your married then the next should be spending time with your significant other. If your married with kids, then it is your significant other than your kids. Find out what your non-negotiables are and then fill in the gaps with other desires.

The easiest way Satan can deter us from our relationship with God is by distracting us, and we do a pretty good job for him. The best way we can combat that is by being intentional with our time and fighting for the things that matter the most. It will be hard and it will take effort, but the bible tells us to seek first his kingdom. As we do that, we become more attracted to the things of God then the things of this world.

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